Agile Modernization with batCAVE

March 27, 2023


RVCM identified a need from The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to decrease the “time to value” in their systems. Our goal was to accelerate ideation to production faster and more efficiently. Enter batCAVE, a secure Platform as a Service (PaaS), providing an easy, reliable, and secure way to deploy CMS applications to the cloud. By decreasing the time dedicated to audits and the fears associated with updating production code, batCAVE incentivizes faster innovation at CMS.


The batCAVE platform creates an extensible and easily repeatable baseline infrastructure using infrastructure as code (IaC) and configuration as code (CaC) that leverages Kubernetes, platform tools, and services necessary to deploy a secure application. Using DevSecOps and human-centered design principles, batCAVE was built from the ground up to become the most efficient way to develop software at CMS.

Within batCAVE, a suite of platform tools and services work in unison to provide a secure and efficient CI/CD pipeline that automates security checks to rapidly release software to production and reduce the risk of manual processes.

The batCAVE provided pre-approved and vetted technology sets, such as sample security implementations, which are reusable and directly Increase automation and collaboration. Security checks are fully automated, allowing for the ability to rapidly release software to production.

We have onboarded more than 4 ADOs and 78% of batCAVE controls are inheritance mapped. Additionally, infrastructure has become both repeatable and automated due to IaC, CaC, and Kubernetes that increase validation and security.



  • Kubernetes using Amazon EKS
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Subsystems deployed with Helm Charts


  • Logging & Monitoring
    - Loki
    - Prometheus
  • Testing
    - GitLab Runners
    - Terrascan
  • Security
    - Istio
    - Falco


  • batCAVE hosted GitLab
  • ADO controlled git repositories
  • batCAVE pipeline for scanning and builds
  • ArgoCD managed deployments

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Agile Modernization with batCAVE

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