Security, Speed, and Scale with Platform One

Platform One
February 27, 2023


RVCM (RevaComm) formed a strong partnership with Platform One (P1) in October 2020. This partnership began with our own user-centered design team conducting a research and analysis effort to improve the customer experience at P1, resulting in reorganized processes, cultural shifts toward service design and customer experience mindset, and an updated P1 DevSecOps Survival Guide. From there, our partnership has only grown.


Since inception, RVCM has been adept in platform and cumulative infrastructure knowledge, including human-centered design focused on P1, as well as expertise in Big Bang IAC/CAC deployment and enterprise-scale through automation in support of all DoD agencies. Currently, our engineering team is deeply involved with the improvement of P1’s security and performance monitoring, always utilizing security best practices.

RVCM and P1 work together on the following value streams:

  • IAC with all recommended best practices from NIST, DISA, and Cloud Providers
  • Deploy DoD Compliant, Reliable, and Scalable Kubernetes Control-Plane.

  • Build distro-less containers
  • Scan containers with multiple tools including TwistLock, Anchore, and OpenSCAP
  • Export and package Iron Bank images for deployment in Air-Gapped environments
  • Support customers with vendor container images approved through Iron Bank process

  • Multi-tenant Kubernetes deployment for customer mission applications
  • Integrate and execute secure CI/CD for application teams using Party Bus pipeline tools
  • Onboard application teams and DevSecOps engineers through 3-day training workshops

  • Integrate Single Sign On using AppGate
  • Customize AppGate for Kubernetes-based centralized logging and security monitoring
  • Integrate cloud native Identity and Access Management solutions using KeyCloak
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Security, Speed, and Scale with Platform One

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