The TRON/RVCM Partnership Evolution

March 27, 2023

RVCM (Revacomm) received an SBIR Phase II (Topic Number AF191-005) to establish TRON, a collaborative, end-to-end, government enablement and software development accelerator foundation. In September 2019, RVCM and TRON formed the TRON Software Factory (hereinafter referred to as the DevLab). As part of TRON, RVCM partnered daily with Airmen to co-develop and deploy the Puckboard application onto Platform One.


User-centered design for TRON and RVCM means that the Airmen working on software would be the ones utilizing it after completion. Those that would work on and develop software would also be users of it, making them the best personnel to know if a software is going to be useful or not. The team that worked on and developed Puckboard was composed of Airmen that worked for the Air Force and would need to use Puckboard on a regular basis.


TRON had its own DevSecOps pipeline, built by Platform One. TRON then had a specific DevSecOps pipeline built for them to meet their specific needs. The pipeline helps application teams push out changes quickly because everything is automated.


Puckboard is open-sourced due to a previous project that TRON worked on called Arcade. Arcade paved the way for Puckboard to be open-sourced; anyone with a CAC is able to access Puckboard and its features. RVCM provided clean data for readiness and enabled Airmen, DoD civilian employees, and partners to contribute via an open data architecture. TRON and RVCM built Puckboard within the Platform One ecosystem, using their specific pipeline. Platform One built a platform-as-a-service and set up tools and infrastructure for application teams to use. About a year after Puckboard was developed, it officially received the Certificate to Field (CtF), allowing Puckboard to use actual production data for scheduling different squadrons.

Referred to as “RevaTRON,” this team is composed of DevSecOps engineers, software developers, user-experience designers, and Airmen from the TRON. RVCM worked with TRON via hands-on learning. Instead of just "teaching," they learned by doing.

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The TRON/RVCM Partnership Evolution

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