Local Tech Company Celebrates Women in Leadership

Agile Software Development, User-Centered Design

RevaComm is excited to announce four members of our leadership team were selected to speak at Google’s International Women’s Day North America Summit 2021. Titled “Wahine Leading the Way”, four leaders changing the face of software development and Department of Defense projects presented – Brianna Hong (Project Manager), Chelsea Haina (Director of Design Research and Strategy), Connie Shin (Comptroller) and Kana Ribultan (Director of Product Design and Experience).

Women's Day Presentation

Top Row Left to Right: Chelsea Haina, Connie Shin. Bottom Row Left to Right: Kana Ribultan, Brianna Hong

Hong, Haina, Shin, and Ribultan spoke of diversity when innovating and solving problems, and their individual leadership roles within the historically male-dominated tech industry. Additional topics included personal pathways and team dynamics, and the importance of women at the forefront of teams and leadership. A vital aspect of demonstrating these concepts is the role of women of color working on DoD projects, specifically RevaComm’s Puckboard application. Puckboard is a first-of-its-kind, user-driven application for creating and coordinating the United States Air Force flight schedules. From application design processes to tech stack selection by various teams, the positive roles of women during the development process were absolutely essential.

“160 squadrons across the US have adopted Puckboard. I truly believe that being user-driven is a big key to our success, something we could not have achieved without the contribution of women,” Chelsea Haina explained during the presentation.

To celebrate and support our presenters, RevaComm hosted a “watch party” via Zoom, streaming the presentation live. Leadership and presenters then requested statements and questions about women’s experiences within the company, and how RevaComm and the industry should enact change going forward. Men and women both contributed ideas and solutions for how RevaComm would continue to do our part.

“I’m proud to have participated in this exciting step forward in acknowledging women’s impact in our field,” said Kana Ribultan. “These amazing leaders and I are pleased that this opportunity to showcase our skills and talents to others was offered. We hope to participate in many more, and develop additional opportunities within our own organization.”

RevaComm is proud to uplift and celebrate Chelsea Haina, Kana Ribultan, Brianna Hong, and Connie Shin for accepting the opportunity to present their unique experiences as women in leadership roles, and appreciates them for representing RevaComm and our values. We look forward to continuing to provide roles and opportunities for women in technology. Our presentation was released on Friday, March 12th, and is available now on YouTube.