RevaComm Becomes a Platform One Authorized Reseller

Agile Software Development, User-Centered Design

Honolulu, HI – RevaComm Inc. is excited to announce that they have been approved as a Platform One Authorized Reseller available through the Platform One Basic Ordering Agreement, continuing their success as leaders in Agile software development, DevSecOps, and User-Centered Design. This opportunity enables RevaComm to commercialize and foster their joint investment in Platform One capabilities while continuing ongoing development efforts, with the aim of developing the market for DevSecOps in both public and private sectors.

“This is an immense step toward our vision of helping others adopt Agile DevSecOps solutions as we advance our Platform One collaboration in helping DevSecOps practices become adopted throughout the DoD.” said RevaComm President Brett Kimura. “With our partner, VivSoft , we look forward to continuing to use our expertise to help the DoD and federal agencies overcome organizational challenges through digital innovation, and promote scalable, mission-ready capabilities with shorter development cycles and rapid feature development. Vivsoft’s ENBUILD, an intuitive and human centered design focused accelerator for streamlining Big Bang deployments, will also be available to interested customers through our Platform One reseller agreement.”

RVCM’s long list of successful ventures in Agile software and DevSecOps development includes notable efforts in design, development, education, and support. Two projects that stand out are Puckboard, a collaborative scheduling platform for military service members worldwide, and Platform One’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) efforts that provides organizations CI/CD DeSecOps pipelines on a secure Kubernetes platform to accelerate modern application development for the Department of Defense. Additionally, we have recently been awarded a SBIR Phase III IDIQ contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to continue on CMS’s successful cloud transformation and its support of cloud-native solutions to reinforce its stance on security.