RevaComm Contributes to Cost Savings in Air Force with Puckboard Application

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RevaComm has been honored in assisting in the development and maintenance of Puckboard – a live, collaborative scheduling platform available to servicemen around the globe- with the Tron Air Force team. Our synergistic Airmen Contractor partnership fuses commercial tech experience with Airmen-driven solutions.

Puckboard is already making waves across the Air Force, being in use in 181 organizations, 40 wings, 95 squadrons, and 32 Airframes. This amounts to around 6,445 Airmen users! The use of Puckboard Scheduling has already amounted to $18.8 million in cost savings. For Puckboard Logging, the future estimated cost savings is $7.7 million.

These numbers show the powerful impact Puckboard is making not only in the Air Force, but across the Department of Defense.

Much of the cost savings comes from Puckboard’s ability to support scheduling in advance- the scheduling for upcoming missions is set up within Puckboard one to two months beforehand. The ability of the application to forecast scheduling immediately aids in costs as well as convenience.

RevaComm, in collaboration with the Tron team, is proud to exhibit what Puckboard is capable of doing for teams all over the world.

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