RevaComm Helps Launch Air Force Flight Scheduling Application

Software Development, User-Centered Design

RevaComm Inc. is excited to announce the release of Puckboard, the next-generation application for flight scheduling, to squadrons at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and Joint Base Charleston. The Puckboard application leverages modern architecture, interface design, automation, and existing live data to make scheduling easier for the C-17 Globemaster III pilots and crew, who had previously scheduled flights manually using a whiteboard and a digital spreadsheet. The application successfully deployed upstream Kubernetes into CloudOne via Platform One, an IL5 partner, on March 15th, 2020. Since then, Puckboard has been adopted for use by the 15th Wing at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and Joint Base Charleston and can scale to enable digital readiness of the Air Force and Department of Defense.

Benefits of Digital Transformation 1
Back Row Left to Right: Chelsea Haina, Samuel Evans, Brendt McFeeley, Anthony Kallhoff, Brett Kimura, Nathan Atkin, Patrick Kelly, Eric Robinson
Front Row Left to Right: Derrin Chong, Allie Kim, Dan Kosty Jr., D’Vonte Johnson, Cody Bogle

For the past year, RevaComm Inc., in partnership with the TRON Air Force team spawned out of the 15th Wing’s Aloha Spark, has been working in concert with the Airmen and creating a blended team that we call “RevaTRON.” DevSecOps engineers, software developers, and user-experience designers from RevaComm worked with Airmen from the TRON team, spearheaded by Captain Eric Robinson, to design and develop an application that satisfies flight scheduling needs while reducing the administrative inefficiencies that impact time and mission-focus. Teams conducted extensive research with end-users and key stakeholders, leveraging agile collaboration, DevSecOps processes, and human-centric experiences to integrate the needs of the Air Force throughout Puckboards’ design and development.

The RevaTRON team has made strides to expand the Air Forces’ software and software capabilities, impacting the lives of Airmen and enabling solutions that allow them to refocus on the mission. As a result, the RevaTRON team has grown immensely, leading to increased collaboration and transformation.

“When I joined RevaComm, the RevaTRON team was small; it was the original team of five Airmen, two or three developers from RevaComm, [President] Brett Kimura and myself and that was it,” said Chelsea Haina, RevaComm’s User Experience Designer on the Puckboard project. “One of the things I love the most about working with our team is that everyone is really dedicated to the idea of transformation; whether that means making a palpable impact within the Air Force, creating products that truly make people’s lives better, or pushing the team beyond their comfort to be better.”

Benefits of Digital Transformation 2

Working on the Puckboard application at the DevLab in RevaComm’s office

Before the RevaTRON team took on this endeavor, application development would often take up to 8 years to launch, but in collaboration with RevaComm, the Puckboard application was completed in less than 8 months. This was made possible by the DevSecOps pipeline with the authority to operate for production deployments through Platform One, an underlying effort of this initiative. The combination of these factors enabled smoother collaboration, development, and risk mitigation throughout the process while tackling their main goal of strengthening the digital readiness of the Department of Defense. The RevaTRON team demonstrates the importance of Airmen empowerment and the ability of service members to tackle their own challenges with greater technical knowledge and software capabilities.

While Puckboard has launched into operational beta testing and looks to expand to even more squadrons, this milestone is only the beginning. There are multiple opportunities for the RevaTRON team to adapt the scheduling application for different branches throughout the Department of Defense. RevaComm is excited to continue our collaborative journey with the TRON team and look forward to developing even greater digital readiness solutions in the future.