RevaComm Supports the U.S. Air Force LevelUP Mission with DevSecOps Services


RevaComm Inc. (RevaComm), a leader in Agile Software Development, User-Centered Design, and DevSecOps, is excited to announce a recent award of a 5-year Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for DevSecOps software services to support the United States Air Force LevelUP Code Works mission.

As an 8(a) small disadvantaged business headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, RevaComm spent the past year working alongside the Airmen of Tron Air Force to re-imagine and transform its capabilities providing localized software solutions through our co-developed Tron Air Force Software Factory. The Tron Air Force partnership leverages agile software development, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), pair programming, risk management frameworks, various commercial best practices, and an approved DevSecOps pipeline. RevaComm’s efforts enabled additional collaborations and support of new initiatives with Platform One and various United States Department of Defense and civilian agencies.

“We are honored for this opportunity to collaborate with the LevelUP and Platform One teams to support Agile DevSecOps solutions that enable scalable capabilities for ongoing mission-readiness,” said Brett Kimura, President of RevaComm. “Our team’s expertise in providing onboarding, developing, and deploying DevSecOps solutions and mission applications within Platform One positions us to competitively provide the technical services required to achieve the goals of potential BOA customers.”

The BOA is established in the spirit of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act, which empowers the United States Air Force LevelUP Code Works to streamline their search for sources while enabling cost, paperwork, and time reductions throughout the acquisition process. The very nature of the LevelUP BOA creates an adaptive, agile foundation for achieving target initiatives aligned with the overall United States Air Force mission.

RevaComm looks forward to the opportunity to assist the digital readiness of the United States Air Force and the United States Department of Defense.