Why We Rebranded

The New RevaComm

RevaComm, now spelled RVCM but pronounced the same, was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1990. Over the years the company has become a trusted partner in digital business services to the top 50 organizations in Hawaii. Within the past few years, RVCM successfully expanded into the Federal Government market and has dramatically increased the breadth and depth of services it provides. RVCM has become a leader in providing world-class human-centered design, agile software development, devsecops, cyber-security, cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and application modernization services for the Federal Government.

Why rebrand?

RVCM might have a new brand but we are the same company at our core. We continue to be grounded in the values of keeping our customer’s needs and their best interest in mind in everything we do, using the mission to develop people and not the other way around, putting others before ourselves, and working for more than the money. But the scope and complexity of the work we do today has dramatically changed from what we did only three years ago. How we deliver the work and how we operate the company has changed. Much of it is influenced by technology and the need to adjust to the high pace of change and uncertainty inherent in our world today. As we look ahead, we see continued growth in the direction we are headed and a future full of opportunities to expand and increase our ability to spread the aloha spirit to the world through the work we do. We needed a new brand that reflects our roots in Hawaii and our vibrant, inclusive and slightly rebellious culture

Our new logo


One of the key rebranded elements is our updated logo. Ralph Magbanua, RevaComm’s Marketing Communication Designer, shares his vision and thought process behind the new logo:

“The stylized font of our new logo demonstrates our willingness to break the norm of how tech companies represent themselves. Our new visual identity evokes a sense of openness and creative direction.. If I had to describe the new logo in four words, I would choose: innovative, creative,  transformative, and open.”

We also opted to shorten our written name to RVCM instead of creating a new name. Still pronounced as ‘reh-vah-kahm’, RVCM captures the essence of our company values while expressing a fun and open feeling through the dynamic relationships of the stylized letterforms. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Are you changing your name?

We will be doing business as RVCM but still legally registered as RevaComm, Inc. Our new website address will be www.rvcm.com. Visitors can continue to use www.revacomm.com to get to our website and they will be redirected to the new domain name.

Our mission

When we grow, our community grows. Deeply rooted in Hawaii, our mission is to pursue creative  solutions that grow the tech and startup economy in Hawaii. How we achieve this growth is equally as important as the mission itself. We use our mission to grow people and not the other way around. Through our services and capabilities, RVCM focuses on helping our clients and people become more resilient, more productive, and more impactful. Our growth and success allows us to give back to the community by actively creating new opportunities for the people and economy of Hawaii.


Team culture rules everything

We spend a lot of time and energy hiring talented people that are a great fit for our organization. We have no time for someone that doesn’t fit our humble, hard-working, teamwork oriented culture. As we grow, these attributes become our most valuable asset for both us and our clients. Simply put: no assholes, period.

Start with character, integrity, and ethics

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. For over 30 years, we’ve built our business on establishing and maintaining strong, trusted relationships with our clients. Today, it’s still truer than ever. We rely on our team members to maintain a high-level of integrity and ethics, especially when no one is watching.

Looking towards the future

We’re very proud of the work that we do at RVCM, and we are incredibly thankful to our ‘ohana and our clients for the trust they have given us throughout the years. There is still so much to do, and we’re just getting started.

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