who we are

The future of Hawaii is in our hands.

There’s something special about what comes out of Hawaii, and we’re proof of that. We want to create a true tech-based, Hawaii-based startup culture that paves a path for future generations to thrive, both on the islands and beyond. We believe that true results aren’t the revenue number, but what we do with those numbers. Supporting our community and creating new opportunities for people to live and thrive here. If anyone can lead that effort, it’s us.

RVCM made the Inc5000 list as the #1 fastest-growing private company in Hawaii.


Our mission is deeply rooted in the future of Hawaii. When we grow, our community grows. We actively pursue practical methods and solutions to grow the tech & startup scene in Hawaii, and provide local technology opportunities that were previously unavailable

And how we achieve growth is more important than the mission itself. RevaComm, through its services and capabilities, are focused on helping our clients become more resilient, and hiring talent that is highly ethical, and supportive of our mission.

We take strides in aligning our mission with the goals of our clients and partners. Our growth also allows us to not just give back to the community, but actively create new opportunities for the people and economy of Hawaii.


The ohana-oriented mindset is one of the pillars of how our company has been built, much like in most Hawai’i ohanas.

We wouldn't be here without each of the people that have passed through our doors. No matter where we go in the world, it’s essential that everyone under the RevaComm roof, first and foremost, feel like they are ohana.


What We Are About

Our core values represents everything we do as a company and as people. We strive to bring out the best in one another and consistently deliver high performing services to our clients.
God Centered
We recognize that everyday is a gift and an opportunity to make a difference in the world.
Walk Our Talk
Try new things, learn by doing, always assume there is a better way, and never ever give up.
We Before Me
We build a better world by loving, serving, and uplifting each other.
Keep It Real
Honor our word and relationships, be disciplined in doing it, especially when no one is watching.
Customer Focus
Care for each client, strive to exceed their expectations & become partners with them.


Our employees, the cultural cornerstones, are all a vital part of our collective success.

At RVCM, we believe Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of who we are.

Cultivating a culture of belonging

RVCM is committed to building a world-class DEI culture with help from employees and partnerships within our communities.


Embracing the future workspace. Make an impact wherever you are.

Home is the place where you connect with family, friends and with what makes you feel good. And now, work at home is where you'll have the opportunity to make a real impact on real people every day.