RevaComm Aids Central Pacific Bank in Website Redesign

Agile Software Development, User-Centered Design

RevaComm Inc. (RevaComm), a leader in Agile Software Development, User-Centered Design, and DevSecOps partnered with Central Pacific Bank (CPB) in their recent transformation, culminating in the launch of their rebranded website on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. The CPB rebrand included a contemporary new logo that reflects mid-century originations yet looks forward with confidence and simplicity. Whimsical illustrations, vibrant hues, and playful patterns symbolizing unique Hawaii themes reinforce the bank’s warmth and humanity.

CPB Redesign

Central Pacific Bank’s newest website.

It was an honor for RevaComm to be a part of the process of helping CPB grow and expand its brand. The focus was to create a more modern feel with their services, including a new website with minimalist fonts and colors to reflect the beauty of Hawaii. It was enlightening for the RevaComm team to work together in getting the site launched.

“Collaborating with Central Pacific Bank to help deliver the vision of their rebranded website was an incredible experience,” said Phung Dao, Program Support Specialist. “Seeing the huge amount of commitment from everyone involved in the process and all of their efforts fully being realized on launch-day makes me really proud of the work we did.”

RevaComm’s developers led both front and back-end development, as well as user interface design. The team also aided in “content population” wherein members took content from the old site and migrated it into the latest version. The combined RevaComm and CPB team tested the site for functionality, usability, and performance, then stayed up well past midnight to launch the site to the public and monitor for stability and issues.

“It was a privilege to work alongside Central Pacific Bank and our team here at RevaComm,” said Project Manager Jamie Yoo. “In looking back, we faced difficulties in having relatively new team members for RevaComm helping out and I am so proud of the team for overcoming the challenge and working together to put the customer first.”

Now that the site is launched, the RevaComm team is continuing their work by maintaining the website and engaging in potential post-launch projects. RevaComm, in partnership with CPB, will continue to help upkeep the site for the time being.

“We were honored to work with Central Pacific Bank on their website redesign project as well as their #KeepHawaiiWorking initiatives,” said Brett Kimura, President of RevaComm. “Their focus on the community has been amazing and their new website launch was a great accomplishment for them that further shows their dedication and passion to serve their customers and the community. We want to congratulate them on their success and hope that this partnership continues into the future.”