RevaComm Receives Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Award

DevSecOps, Agile Software Development, User-Centered Design

RevaComm, an enterprise digital transformation company that has 30 years of experience transforming organizational challenges into powerful digital capabilities, is delighted to announce our recent Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract award, called the DoD Enterprise Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) Support under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. This is in partnership with airmen from the Air Force Tron Software Factory. RevaComm completed Phase II of this SBIR before being awarded the Phase III IDIQ.

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This photo was taken before the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The initiative in Phase III is to increase the scope of Tron’s reach and enable Tron to work with fellow software companies to further solve problems in the Air Force. Phase III consists of RevaComm bringing industry best practices in agile software development to the 15th Wing and Tron team and extending agile software development, User-Centered Design, and DevSecOps services to the rest of the DoD via Platform One and F-35.

RevaComm was proud to announce the launch of Puckboard, a flight scheduling application created by the Tron team, earlier this summer. Since then, the app has constantly released new features and capabilities which address multiple use-cases. The adoption and success of Puckboard with local squadrons puts the app on a trajectory to rapidly increase user adoption across other units around the globe. In this way, RevaComm has tackled the scheduling issue that is pervasive in the Pacific Air Force and helped the Tron team elevate their products throughout the branch.

“For Phase III, we’ve been so happy to continue the awesome work with Tron and the Air Force,” says RevaComm president Brett Kimura. “Launching the initial version of Puckboard was a huge accomplishment and we can’t wait to do even more with it.”

In Phase III, RevaComm and the Tron team have seen various fixed and rotary-wing units and government agencies adopting Puckboard. This includes 5,000 users, 13,000 missions and events, and 150 squadrons and units. Squadrons in California, North Carolina, Charleston, and Honolulu have been adopting Puckboard, as well as bases around Washington, D.C.

RevaComm continued to leverage its DevSecOps processes and close partnership with users, stakeholders, and government personnel to deliver additional value to warfighters, increased functionality, and usability, and expand its user base to other airframes and locations. Some features that were deployed based on current Agile delivery and DevSecOps best practices and methodologies were a user-centered design approach that actively engages and collaborates with end-users throughout the development process, an approved Platform One pipeline, RevaComm’s Program/Project Management approach, and Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process.

“Being a DevOps engineer helping with Tron and Puckboard is an amazing opportunity,” said RevaComm DevOps engineer Brendt McFeeley. “I get to interact with a lot of different people from a lot of different organizations and military branches and see how each branch is pushing technology to solve problems. Also, it is rewarding to show developers the power of DevOps and how we can push the DoD to the next level.”

During the Phase III SBIR program, RevaComm is excited to show the progress made and strides made towards helping the Tron team expand their influence in the Air Force, greater Department of Defense, and beyond. RevaComm looks forward to working with Tron to accomplish even more in the future.